Soil improvement

Soil Improvement

Soil improvement for soil of any texture is organic matter releases nutrients that are absorbed by microorganisms and bacteria. The combination waste products and their remains called humus, binds with soil particles. In clay, it forces apart & drainage is improved, and the soil is easier for plant roots to grow through. Sand it lodges in the large pore spaces and works like a sponge, roots need to travel through the soil to access available nutrients which are essential to plant growth. If the soil is dense and compacted, the plant’s energy is wasted struggling with roots trying to grow through. By aerating the soil, you will help with root growth and as a result happier, healthier plants. Most plants prefer a neutral soil, but some prefer slightly acid or alkaline conditions you can adjust the pH levels add lime to make soil more alkaline add sulphur to make more acidic. This is just a basic understanding of soil improvement there are also other products on the market that can help with soil improvement & structure for you soil let Enhancescape take care of your needs and get on with what you enjoy.