Decking Maintenance

Decking Maintenance, cleaning, oiling & protecting decks

Decking maintenance is one of the most important maintenance which needs to be carried out on a regular basis due to all types of weather conditions from sun bleaching ,water damaged, splitting, wrapping & general ware of timber products exposed to the outdoors.

Enhancescape believe the best course of action is try to minimise the impact of the weathering conditions of external exposed decking timbers is to provide the decking timber with the best protection is to treat the decking timber boards from the start before installation of the decking timber is even installed.

All our decking timber boards are treated back & top with Raincoat which is the only product that Enhancescape currently uses & recommends to all our existing customer & any new customers that require decking maintenance or reapplying of oil to decking timber.

Once your decking has be weathered & discoloured all the options to rejuvenate the damage is a very time consuming & costly exercise, the application of Raincoat its self will not be able to rectify or reverse the damage but it will help project the decking timber for longer time.

Rejuvenate Decking Options

Option 1-Is the best option if your decking hasn’t weathered yet is to have your decking cleaned and apply  2 coats of Raincoat now before its to late which Enhancescape can  inspect & provide you with quote to save your decking boards at a reasonable cost compared to the options below.

Option 2-Is to sand back the decking boards & reapplying another to coats of decking oil & this is where another mistake if made by a lot of customers is they use the same type of product which didn’t protect the timber in the first place or are advised that the oil that they will reapply will do the job or will be better than what was used originally used.

(Enhancescape can only recommend that you read the information by following the link & make a informed decision for yourself about Raincoat & if you would like to use the product ask & insist on it.)

Option 3-When the weathering has occurred if possible is to lift & turn the existing decking boards to the side that was on the bottom but this has its own issues most times you will find that if the person who originally built the decking has done the job correctly they should have choose the best side to face up so the underside of the board may have not a nice finish as the original face that was on top this can lead to some decking boards needing to be replaced which leads to option 4.

Option 4-To replace all existing decking boards with new boards and depending on the size of the decking the cost to replace with new could be comparative to option 1 but more than likely this will still be the most expensive option

Option 5- Last option would to keep using the same oil product & the decking boards will continue to weather and deteriorate & you will more than likely end up with option 4 as your only choice. But some people like the weathered grey look of timber after a while, there are even products on the market these days that meke new timber look weathered grey look but still protect the decking timber or so they say.


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Disclaimer- Enhancescape Pty Ltd has no affiliation or association with Koppers Inc & has not been paid or has not received any benefit from using or recommending Raincoat we do not warrant or manufacture the product we only believe from our use of the product that it dose what says.